Cloudify 2.5 GA Release Brings Improvements in Cloud Portability and User Experience
New York, NY April 10, 2013 - GigaSpaces announces the release of Cloudify 2.5.0, designed for block storage support, browsing and installing recipes from the web user interface as well as debugging capabilities.

“Cloudify is designed from the ground up with cloud portability in mind. We wanted to extend the concept of portability to our new release,” said Yaron Parasol, Director of Product Management at GigaSpaces. “The enhancements we implemented in version 2.5 further help our users to port enterprise applications from cloud to cloud in accordance with their business needs without any constraints or technical lock-ins.”

With block storage becoming more prevalent in the industry, GigaSpaces recognizes this type of storage as a must-have for most real world applications running on the cloud. Cloudify 2.5 enables users to create, attach, detach or re-attach to a virtual machine from a recipe using the storage API, providing mobility and portability across clouds. Such a feature caters to not just deployment, but also to failover and restart scenarios.

In previous versions of Cloudify, recipes were installed and stored within the user’s computer file system, making collaboration around recipes somewhat challenging. Furthermore, there was no option to install an application from the management web console.
The newest version of Cloudify comes with the ability to clone any git repository and use the recipes saved within as a central recipe catalog. Users can now browse, edit and invoke the recipes from the web GUI. Furthermore, users can trace recipes from the web GUI in the same manner they would over the Cloudify shell.

Cloudify 2.5 introduces new debugging capabilities. Users may now remotely debug their recipes from directly within the cloud environment, significantly reducing the time to develop a new recipe, and therefore, speed the application on-boarding process.

About GigaSpaces
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