Whale Deepens Relationship with Microsoft, Works to Bolster Security for the Microsoft Platform

Intelligent Application Gateway Provider Whale Joins Microsoft's SecureIT Alliance.

Fort Lee, NJ, December 1, 2005 - Whale today announced that it has joined the Microsoft SecureIT Alliance, deepening its longstanding relationship with Microsoft. The alliance brings together leading vendors in a technology and information sharing coalition to develop security solutions for the Microsoft platform.

Whale's access solutions, which are being used by leading enterprises worldwide, include Intelligent Application Gateways built on Windows with optimized modules for widely-used Microsoft applications.

"Whale has long been a valued partner of Microsoft, helping our customers maximize their application investment by enabling secure and optimized application access from anywhere," said Gerry Albert, Senior Program Manager of Microsoft's SecureIT Alliance. "As a member of the SecureIT Alliance, we will continue to work with Whale and other leaders in the security industry to develop solutions that build on our security strategy."

A pioneer in endpoint security, Whale also is a member of Microsoft's Network Access Protection (NAP) program that allows IT professionals to set, monitor and control network access based on validation of a computer's compliance to pre-established business driven policies.

Whale's solutions therefore provide end-to-end security, protecting the client and the server. Whale's Intelligent Application Gateways include SSL VPN, endpoint security and application security components.

"The SecureIT Alliance is a leading Microsoft initiative that provides a collaborative exchange of technology and information among leading industry vendors to ensure a continued effort to provide the utmost in application and data security," said Douglas Mazlish, Whale's VP of Business Development. "We have hundreds of enterprise customers that rely on Microsoft's technology and we continually strive to ensure that they are secure from end-to-end. This latest Microsoft initiative is an enhanced opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft and its partners to continuously bolster security while providing a seamless end user experience."

For more information on the SecureIT Alliance please visit the newly launched Microsoft-sponsored site at: http://www.secureitalliance.org.


Microsoft SecureIT Alliance
Technology is but one way that Microsoft is working to address the security challenge. The company is also working collaboratively with security partners, law enforcement and policymakers in the industry. The SecureIT Alliance is comprised of a group of security partners that are working together to develop security solutions for the Microsoft platform. The SecureIT Alliance expands the security and Internet safety partnerships Microsoft has with other industry leaders and governments, including the Virus Information Alliance and the Global Infrastructure Alliance for Internet Safety. More information on the SecureIT Alliance can be found at http://www.secureitalliance.org.

About Whale
Whale is the leading provider of business driven secure access products, including SSL VPN, application security and endpoint security offerings.  A pioneer in secure application layer access, Whale's products are deployed globally by the world's leading organizations to extend their businesses. Today over two million employees, business partners and customer users securely and easily access their critical business applications and resources through Whale's Intelligent Application Gateway products.  The company is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and has international offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Israel and representation in France.

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