Eyeblaster’s MediaMind Scores Best Ad Delivery Platform Award

New York, New York (December 16, 2009)—Eyeblaster, the leading provider of digital advertising solutions received a DPAC Award for Best Ad Delivery Platform for its new flagship solution, MediaMind. MediaMind is the first and only ad serving and campaign management solution built from the ground up specifically for agencies and advertisers. It was designed to simplify the ad serving processes, provide actionable analytics, and work seamlessly with other best-of-breed technology solutions through its open architecture. The award was presented on December 8th at a special reception held at DPAC Awards Gala at the Union Square W Hotel in New York City.

“We’re thrilled to win the DPAC Award for the Best Ad Delivery Platform for our new campaign management solution, MediaMind,” said Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder at Eyeblaster. “We are also honored to be recognized along such stellar campaigns that clearly demonstrate the power of digital advertising and its ability to engage consumers across mobile, online display, email, and social media.”

The DPAC Awards honors overall excellence and breakthrough achievement in Digital Publishing and Advertising. The DPAC Awards are presented by DM2, the publishers of digiday:DAILY and the hosts of DPAC4, which includes hundreds of leading digital publishing and advertising experts, journalists, insiders, marketers, and technology visionaries.

Stacked against competing solutions, MediaMind’s intuitive UI, time saving functionality, and real time technology boosts campaign management efficiency by 30% and empowers agencies to re-focus on core competencies such as strategy, planning, analytics, and optimization. Standout features include:
- AdSnap: AdSnap verifies digital campaigns by talking four images of each ad as they are served live, even tapping into blind media buys. AdSnap eliminates the hours spent chasing screen grabs – reloading a page over and over and sometimes never know where their ads end up.
- Mass Production of Standard Banners: With MediaMind, marketers can set up a massive amount of banners in a single operation. MediaMind identifies the assets after you upload them – matching SWFs and associated GIFs – and compiles them into an ad that is ready to serve. With other tools, marketers are required to set up ads one by one by one in a manual, cumbersome process.
- Real-time Monitoring: Eyeblaster's award-winning Campaign Monitor puts marketers in full control of their campaigns. From a high level overview to drill-down troubleshooting, users see campaign status and performance in real time. Other tools leave marketers in the dark, offering little transparency, real-time data and no visual management dashboard.
- Smart Versioning – MediaMind includes the ability to optimize the creative in real time, updating ad versions with dynamic data, targeted variations, or localized languages. Smart Versioning eliminates the need for designer or publisher involvement in making changes to ad versions, allowing marketers to adapt creative on the fly. This feature also automatically identifies the best performing ad version to instantaneously optimize media and creative elements.

Eyeblaster is the only publisher-independent solution and the only MRC certified for compliance with the three IAB measurement guidelines in ad serving, video and rich media. For a deeper look into MediaMind, visit http://www.eyeblaster.com/MediaMind2009/MediaMindbyEyeblaster.mov or visit www.eyeblaster.com .

About Eyeblaster
In 1999, Eyeblaster was among the pioneers in rich media communication. Today, Eyeblaster extends its inventive heritage in digital advertising to ad serving and global campaign management. As the leading provider of digital advertising solutions, Eyeblaster empowers marketers to engage consumers online. The company’s flagship product, MediaMind, is the only ad serving and campaign management solution built from the ground up for agencies and advertisers. MediaMind includes critical functions that simplify campaign process, enable cross channel analytics, and streamline integration with other technology components.
Headquartered in New York, Eyeblaster has 36 offices across all major markets worldwide. This footprint allows Eyeblaster customers to deploy global campaigns with guaranteed service levels, publisher acceptance and integrated metrics. The company is the only publisher-independent provider in the field, as well as the only one certified for compliance with the three IAB measurement guidelines: ad serving, video and rich media.

In 2008, Eyeblaster delivered campaigns in a variety of ad formats including rich media, in-stream video, display, search and mobile for over 7,000 brands serving approximately 2700 agencies across over 3,600 global web publishers in 45 countries worldwide. Learn more at: www.eyeblaster.com

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