Altair Semiconductor Wins Low Power Chip Shootout at WiMAX World 2008

ALT2150 Mobile WiMAX Processor Ranks #1 Exceeding VoIP and Data Low Power Performance Bars

Hod Hasharon, Israel, October 8, 2008 - Altair Semiconductor, a fabless chip company developing the world's most advanced 4G mobile semiconductors for handheld devices, demonstrated the low-power performance of its technology in the Live - Low Power Session at WiMAX World 2008 in Chicago, which was organized by Trendsmedia. Altair’s low-power mobile WiMAX chipset technology not only exceeded a 3G power consumption target, but also achieved lowest WiMAX power consumption in the independently administered and monitored session.  Altair’s ALT2150-based SDIO module, together with other participants’ solutions, was tested for power consumption in tests measured by Agilent Technologies equipment and conducted on a Base Station provided by Wintegra.
When the results were tallied, Altair’s ALT2150 had exceeded the target VoIP battery talk time of 6 hours by over 50% with a score of 9.5 hours. In a data usage mode test, the Altair chipset exceeded the 6 hour battery time target by 130% with a score of over 14 operational hours.
The “WiMAX Live – Low Power CPE Chipset Shootout” tests were performed in a controlled environment and presented to the event audience on Thursday, October 2nd.  The different participants’ products were measured in download, upload, VoIP and streaming video scenarios. The Altair solution’s power-consumption was measured to be less than one half of any other participant’s:

-       Download 5Mbps:        230mW
-       Upload 2Mbps:             250mW
-       VoIP 30Kbps:               161mW
-       Streaming video:         49mW

“Broad proliferation of mobile WiMAX devices heavily depends on the availability of low power chipsets,” said Berge Ayvazian, Chief Strategy Officer of Yankee Group.  “Altair’s achievement is a strong validation of the company’s focus to deliver ultra-low power consumption chipsets to the market.” 
Weeks before WiMAX World, Trendsmedia – the organizers of WiMAX World – delivered a detailed Test and Measurement document to nine invited semiconductor companies, outlining the detailed test conditions. 
“Keeping power consumption low starts at the core of a device - with the semiconductor,” said Eran Eshed, VP of Marketing and Business Development, and a Co-Founder of Altair.  “The ALT2150 results had proven that power consumption is no longer a gating factor in designing ultra-low power consumption handsets, MIDs and consumer electronic devices.”

About Altair Semiconductor
Altair is the world's leading developer of ultra-low power, small footprint and high performance 4G semiconductors that take broadband bandwidth beyond notebooks and USB adaptors to un-tethered, battery-operated handheld devices. The company's products provide handheld device manufacturers, integrating 4G technologies into their products with a highly power-optimized, robust and cost-effective solution. Altair is privately held and has raised a total of $48M in three rounds of financing from investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, BRM Capital, ETV Capital, Giza Venture Capital, Jerusalem Venture Partners, and Pacific Technology Fund.  The company was awarded the Best of WiMAX World 2008 Chip Design Award for the ALT2150, Altair’s mobile WiMAX baseband processor.
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