Schema’s Wireless Backhaul Optimization Solution, Prima™, Achieves Significant Network Savings

Rochelle Park, N.J. — March 31, 2008 , Schema, a leading global provider of network optimization software solutions, announced successful transport optimization activities using Schema’s Prima™ solution with two major North American wireless operators. Overall optimization goals were achieved, yielding substantial improvement in network efficiency and cost savings. 

A tier-1 U.S. wireless service provider implemented Prima™ across its network to reduce the number of leased T-1 lines. The Prima™ Leased Line Networks product delivered a 30% reduction in leased T-1 lines, and a 10% reduction in leased DS-3 lines, resulting in a significant annual cost savings of over 20%. By implementing Prima™ recommendations, the operator reached full ROI in less than one year.

Another U.S. wireless service provider established a goal to improve network efficiency while increasing available bandwidth for data applications,  Schema’s Prima™ solution was used to justify the costs of transitioning from a DS-3 network to an optical OC-N network. The Prima™ solution improved DS-3 efficiency and increased usage of OC-12 optical speeds, resulting in overall network cost reductions with annual OpEx reductions of approximately 35%, while meeting the increase in bandwidth demands.

"Our successful deployment of Schema’s Prima™ wireless backhaul optimization solution demonstrates that we can meet the industry’s need for backhaul optimization solutions focused on reducing OpEx and increasing network efficiency”, commented Andy Silberstein, COO and President, Schema Inc.   “As wireless operators migrate to higher-speed data services such as HSPA, EVDO Rev. A, and LTE, they are looking for ways to meet the bandwidth demands while creating network efficiencies and cost savings.   The Prima™ solution can play a key part in that strategy” added Silberstein.

 The Prima™ Leased Networks product performs optimization by minimizing cost in the backhaul network. Employing multiple sophisticated routing algorithms, Prima™ determines optimal hubbing points and decreases OpEx. Prima™ automatically translates network terminology into pricing terminology (Serving Wire Centers), providing a more comprehensive picture of cost saving opportunities. Additionally, Prima™ provides “what if” scenario simulations allowing engineers to test the impact of proposed changes before implementing them.

About Schema

Schema is a global provider of industry-leading network optimization software solutions for telecom operators. Schema’s innovative solutions increase network performance and efficiency, reduce costs and improve network visibility across voice and data networks. Schema’s solutions are deployed and benchmarked by leading wireless operators worldwide.

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