Schema Announces Completion of Large-scale Analysis and Optimization Deployment

 Rochelle Park, N.J. — March 31, 2008 , Schema, a leading global provider of network optimization software solutions, announced the successful deployment of multiple vendor-technology optimization solutions at a major North American wireless service provider. This deployment included Schema’s Mentor™ and Forté™ solutions, using mobile measurements to capture and analyze actual customer experience. 

Using Mentor™, the industry`s first mobile-measurements-only analysis and optimization solution for wideband networks, this major service provider is now able to get an accurate view of the network from the users’ perspective, without relying on drive tests or mobile client solutions. Handset-generated Quality of Service reports indicate revenue-yielding hot spots, service degradation, and dropped calls. Mentor™ proactively elevates and sustains network performance and, as a result, increases network Minutes of Use, Average Revenue per User, and overall customer satisfaction, while reducing both OpEx and CapEx. 

"This successful, large-scale deployment has demonstrated the superiority of mobile measurements-based analysis and optimization," commented Andy Silberstein, COO and President, Schema Inc. " Mentor`s use of mobile measurements to provide an accurate picture of the network enables operators to go beyond the limits of drive tests and signal strength predictions to maximize network KPI control. This is critical in maintaining market leadership amidst rapidly changing network conditions and evolving traffic patterns."

Mentor™ streamlines complex, time consuming maintenance and troubleshooting by automatically providing solutions to problems identified in the Radio Access Network (RAN). Mentor™ analyzes handset-generated QoS reports, performance counters and call detail logs to evaluate network performance and delivers clear recommendations to optimize RAN parameters such as antenna tilts, power, and neighbor list settings. Network engineers implement these changes to ensure long-lasting, optimal network quality.

Using Schema`s Forté™, an advanced, user-friendly GSM optimization product, also based on mobile measurements, the operator will also be able to optimize the network frequency planning process, achieving significant improvement in data throughput, voice quality, capacity, and coverage by tuning a wide range of network settings. These improvements enable operators to reduce the overhead needed to manage voice and data services on GSM networks.

About Schema

Schema is a global provider of industry-leading network optimization software solutions for telecom operators. Schema’s innovative solutions increase network performance and efficiency, reduce costs and improve network visibility across voice and data networks. Schema’s solutions are deployed and benchmarked by leading wireless operators worldwide.


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