Eli Barkat, Chairman and Co-Founder

Mr. Eli Barkat, chairman and co-founder of BRM Group, is a recognized figure in the Israeli business community, with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial, investment and business management experience. Eli excels at growing companies - providing hands-on strategic and management guidance from founding to exit.

In 1988, Eli co-founded BRM Technologies, an anti-virus software startup sold to Symantec. Leveraging early-on experience and accumulated self-capital, Eli led the transformation of BRM into a reputable private Israeli investment group, later expanding its initial technology focus to include non hi-tech industries as well.

Under Eli’s leadership, the Group has been involved, either directly or via venture capital funds under its control, in some of the most prominent exits in the industry. These include Checkpoint (NASDAQ: CHKP); Backweb (NASDAQ: BWEB); Passave (sold to PMC-Sierra); Oplus Technologies (sold to Intel); Whale Communications (sold to Microsoft) and Fraud Sciences (sold to eBay). These successes have reinforced both BRM’s and Eli’s status as a leading and important investment player in the Israeli business arena.

Eli is the Chairman of  MEITAV-DS and he currently sits on the board of GigaSpaces and Playscape. 

Together with his wife, Alona, he founded the BRM Institute of Technology and Society at Tel Aviv University, and serves on the University’s Board of Governors.

Eli holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Nir Barkat, Co-Founder

On November 11th, 2008, Nir Barkat was elected the 9th Mayor of Jerusalem, at the age of 49. Members of city council have formed a wide coalition to support Mayor Barkat – a testament to his leadership and uniting vision for Jerusalem. Immediately prior to his election as Mayor, Nir Barkat served for five years as the opposition leader of city council, learning the details of Jerusalem's challenges and opportunities. Mayor Barkat set out on a path of active civic engagement and reform beyond the city council to address education, negative migration of Jerusalem's young adults, and the need for lasting economic development.

Nir founded ”Snunit,” a non-profit organization that runs the largest educational website in Hebrew, and was also a founding member of "New Spirit", an organization that works to change the demographic map of Jerusalem by focusing on deepening the students’ connections to Jerusalem, encouraging them to remain and make their homes in the city. Nir was also one of the founders of the IVN venture capital network, which invests in social initiatives throughout Jerusalem.

His early successes as Mayor are rooted in his business methods and entrepreneurial approach. In 1988 he co-founded BRM and served as the chairman of Checkpoint (NASDAQ: CHKP) and Backweb (NASDAQ: BWEB) in those companies’ early years.

Yuval Rakavy, Co-Founder and Venture Partner

A co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer at BRM Technologies, Mr. Yuval Rakavy played a central role in the R&D and product architecture of Check Point Software, BackWeb and numerous other startup companies for over a decade.

A renowned Israeli “technology guru,” Yuval currently serves as an advisor to BRM on technology issues, and is particularly effective at identifying cutting-edge development tools, and integrating them into company technological plans at an early stage. He currently sits on the board of MyHeritage.

Yuval studied Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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