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Sweet Inn apartments are a perfect blend between hotel and home. Each apartment is unique, well-designed and full of local

Our services and hospitable touches are on the house, allowing you to feel pampered, yet just like a local, in the most
stylish of neighborhoods.

Wake up in prime locations at the very heart of the local scene, without paying the exorbitant price tag. The apartments are spacious
and comfortable, with fully equipped kitchens and even some sit-down living areas. Away with cramped, interpersonal hotel rooms.

Our portfolio includes a wide variety of apartments, with a selection of sizes and styles to suit every palate and need.

BRM Board Member:
Arie Nachmias
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Capester is the first and only video authentication platform that empowers you to right everyday wrongs

BRM Board Member:
Eran Barkat
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ColorChip is a pioneer and a world leading innovator in the fields of Optical Components and Sub-Systems, delivering industry leading Optical High-Speed Transceivers to the Datacom/Telecom Markets and Passive PLC Splitters to the FTTx markets.

BRM Board Member:
Eran Barkat
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eToro is the first global marketplace for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and stocks, combining the excitement of online social trading with the wisdom of the crowds to help traders and investors make smarter trading decisions.

BRM Board Member:
Avner Stepak
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GigaSpaces provides software middleware for deployment, management and scaling of mission-critical applications on cloud environments.

BRM Board Member:
Eli Barkat
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LogDog is an anti-hacking solution that guards users’ online accounts by monitoring activity across multiple online services. LogDog sends alerts to users when a security breach is detected so that users can take action to protect their accounts before it’s too late. Let LogDog guard your private online information and give you peace of mind.

BRM Board Member:
Eli Barkat
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Meitav Dash is one of the largest investment houses in Israel, managing over NIS 120 billion for private, business and institutional clients.

BRM Board Member:
Eli Barkat, Arie Nachmias
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Creating a new playground on the virtual block, Mogobe specializes in developing safe, eventful and interactive online worlds for children.

BRM Board Member:
Arie Nachmias
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Moovit is everything commuters need to ride public transit smarter, combining transit data with live input from the crowd to provide a complete real-time snapshot of any trip.

BRM Board Member:
Eran Barkat
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OrCam uses advanced computer vision to help the visually impaired and blind regain lost functionalities.

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Rapid Medical is developing and commercializing novel endovascular treatments for stroke. Unlike any other devices on the market, the company’s products are fully controllable and visible throughout the clinical procedure

BRM Board Member:
Alon Maor
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Monterey Bay Labs is a privately held delivery platform company, focused on the development of proprietary InoCyte for dermatology and skin care.

BRM Board Member:
Alon Maor
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TrapX created a threat intelligence solution which acts as your network’s 6th sense, providing risk-free threat analysis.

BRM Board Member:
Eran Barkat
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Roomer is an online marketplace for non-refundable hotel rooms – connecting people who are stuck paying for an empty hotel room with travelers looking for a sweet deal.

BRM Board Member:
Eran Barkat
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V-Wave has developed a novel miniature shunt to treat Congestive Heart Failure. The shunt is implanted between the left and right atrium in an easy and fast percutaneous procedure.

BRM Board Member:
Alon Maor
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Altair Semiconductor is the leading provider of single-mode LTE solutions, playing a pivotal role in realizing the vision of the Internet of Everything.

Sale Info:
BRM's intrest in Altiar was acquired by Sony in January 2016
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Check Point is the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, providing customers with uncompromising protection against all types of threats, reducing security complexity and lowering total cost of ownership.

Sale Info:
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Fraud Sciences is a leading innovator in online risk tools. Following years of intensive research, Fraud Sciences has developed a technology that differentiates between real and fraudulent transactions with unprecedented accuracy.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in Fraud Sciences was acquired by PayPal in January 2008
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MediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster) is a global provider of digital advertising solutions that optimize the use of media, creative and data for enhanced performance.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in MediMind was acquired by DG in June 2011
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Oplus develops and markets innovative display and video processor ICs and integrated software solutions for the fast-growing digital display market.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in Oplus was acquired by Intel in April 2005
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A pioneer in the field of fiber to the home (FTTH), solutions from Passave provide gigabit-per-second bandwidth and faster throughput for FTTH broadband access network equipment.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in Passave was acquired by PMC-Sierra in April 2006
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ProSight offers world-class Enterprise Investment Management solutions for government and business. These solutions drive the planning and control for all types of business or technology investments, deploying objective, auditable processes and metrics, while facilitating collaboration among all stakeholders.

Sale Info:
BRM Capital’s interest in ProSight was acquired by Primavera in December 2006
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Schema is a global provider of industry-leading network optimization, simulation and related management software solutions for telecom operators.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in Schema was acquired by TEOCO in February 2012
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Wavion is transforming the metro Wi-Fi market with a new category of spatially adaptive access point. The company’s digital beamforming and SDMA technologies are the first and only to resolve the significant performance, penetration and profitability challenges facing metro Wi-Fi deployments.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in Wavion was acquired by Alvarion in November 2011
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Whale Communications provides solutions to deliver controlled access, infrastructure protection, and information safeguards to ensure improved productivity and enhanced business processes through securely extending availability of corporate applications and data.

Sale Info:
BRM’s interest in Whale was acquired by Microsoft in June 2006
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Degania Medical is one of the world’s leading suppliers of indwelling medical catheters, silicone medical products and medical devices for critical care and operating rooms.

BRM Board Member:
Tirza Florentin